TrackStar Running

Q: Why is my session not to 100% accurate?

A: It is possible that you got a bad GPS-Signal during your Session. Especially in big citys with high buildings and narrow streets the signal can be weak. If no GPS-Signal is available the app trys to get your location by cellular triangulation which isnt't as accurate as GPS. It's also possible that you ran under a canopy, even for a short time this can be a disturbance. Try to avoid running between high buildings and under canopys if possible.


Q: The Auto-Pause responds in a wrong way, what can I do?

A: If you have a weak GPS- and Cellular-Signal it can be possible that the app can't get your current location. This can be the case if you are inside a building or between big buildings. The app thinks that you have stopped moving and starts the Auto-Pause. If this is an enduring error at the same places consider to disable the Auto-Pause-Function or to raise the Auto-Pause-Interval. This can be done in the settings.


Q: Other devices give me other values for my calorie consumption?

A: The calorie consumption can be approximately calculated in many different ways. TrackStar running trys to make the approximation more accurate by using multiple ways of tracking your calorie consumption and calculates an average value. Please verify that you have inserted your personal data like weight, age etc. in the corresponding boxes in the settings. If they aren't correct, the app can not calculate the right amount of burned calories.


Q: The App doesn't seem to get a GPS-Signal. What can I do?

A: If TrackStar Running can't get a GPS or Cellular Network Signal, the GPS indicator in the upper right will be red. Try to get a different location, it may be possible that the signal is too weak in your area. You can also restart your phone and try again. If the indicator is grey the location service is disabled on your phone or the app has not the permission to use the service. Please verify that the location in the app settings is turned on and the location service on your phone is switched on.


Q: My problem isn't solved, where can I get additional help?

A: If you found no answer to your question in the FAQ you can contact the support of Plasmabytes. The link to the support can be found on the bottom and the top of this page. You can also click here. Please note that the response can take a few business days. Try to describe your problem as accurate as you can so we can try to reproduce it.


Q: I have a few ideas for the app, where can I give feedback?

A: We always appreciate feedback and ideas. If you have an idea of a feature or change you want to see in the app, you can write to our support. Simply click on "Support" and write us an e-mail. You can also click here.