TrackStar Running

TrackStar Running is your new Running-Companion, which tracks your training via GPS and saves your training sessions. Just push start and TrackStar Running will do the rest. The distance you ran is drawn onto a map in realtime and important training stats are calculated. You have data like your average speed, your burned calories and your burned calories per hour directly at your hand.


Auto-Pause will be started automatically if you are not moving for a certain time. Lets say you want to do some stretching during your workout or you meet someone you know. Just take your time, the session will be paused after a few seconds. You can turn this feature on and off as you like.




Via personal data like your gender, weight, age and height your calory consumption is calculated more accurate. TrackStar Running uses two formulas, one to calculate via the distance you ran and one which uses your personal data. With these two values a more accurate calory consumption can be determined. You can also choose between different sports like running, walking, cycling etc. .



The graph shows your average speed regarding the distance you ran. With this visual help you can directly see how well you are doing during your training sessions. It will scale automatically in relation to your maximum speed and distance.




An all new GPS-Filter-Systems filters your GPS-Data and give you accurate results. There are various settings available regarding to your area where you run. You can adjust die Filter-System for rural, suburban and urban areas or switch it completely off and work with the naked GPS-Data you geht from your device.




With the help of the synthetic voice output you always know how far you ran without touching your phone. It will automatically tell you your distance in a chosen interval. This feature can be adjusted or turned off in the settings.




You can directly share your training sessions to facebook and show them to your friends. Your friends will see which route you took and how well you did. It's extremely simple, just log in to your Facebook account and push the share button. It can't get any easier.



You can export your sessions as GPX-Files and upload them to your Skydrive. After that you can use the GPX-Files on the fitness sites or applications you like. You have direct access to these files from your homecomputer and other devices through your Skydrive.



You can do with your phone whatever you want during your training, the app runs in the background and tracks your position. Listen to music with your Media Player or write a message. A Live-Tile provides you with the most important data of your training even if you are not in the app itself.




TrackStar Running provides many more features for you. With the help of Split-Tables you can directly see at which distance your average speed was the highest or lowest. The map offers various controls to adjust it as you like. You can center the map to your current position or stay on top of things and let the map show your whole route while you are running. You can choose between a normal road map or a hybrid view with satellite photos. You can use various units of measurement seperated, like kilometres, miles, kilogram or pound. And much more.